The Prisoner of Cell 25 - Richard Paul Evans
Michael Vey is a small, quiet kid. He has one friend named Ostin (pronounced Austin), a girl he admires from afar, and a bully that makes his life a living hell. He’s been stuffed in lockers, hit, and made fun of ever since he can remember. He really want to fight back, but he can’t. If he does, he’s afraid he’ll reveal what he really is and force his mother to leave her home, yet again, to keep him out of trouble.Michael has power – and when I say power, I mean electricity coursing through his body. He can touch things and surge, sending volts of electricity into the object (or body). His mother is always telling him to be sure to keep it a secret. He tries, but one day the bullying get to much and he defends himself. This one event starts a chain reaction that changes his life, and the life of those close to him, forever.MICHAEL VEY is a great adventure and perfect for a middle school reader. The author does a great job developing the friendship between Michael, Ostin and Taylor, the cheerleader Michael has liked from afar. Richard Paul Evans is an adult author of books like THE CHRISTMAS BOX and THE TIME PIECE so this book is really different for him. This is his first young adult novel and he has done a great job. The adventure is fast-paced and the cliffhanger at the end leaves the reader wanting more. I’m looking forward to the next leg of the journey.