Forever - Maggie Stiefvater
NOTE: You need to read the first two books in this series, SHIVER AND LINGER, before you read FOREVER in order to understand the story.The tables have turned. Now, Sam is the one waiting. Even though waiting for Grace to return to human form is torture, it is nothing to the agony he feels when he thinks about the danger she is in while running loose in the woods. Mr. Culpeper has wanted the wolves in Mercy Falls dead ever since his son was killed by them and after a girl is found torn apart in the woods, Culpeper has just the ammunition he needs to get his wish. While Grace is Sam's priority, he also has the added responsibility of saving Beck and all the other wolves. Sam and Grace attempt to come up with a plan while Cole St. Clair, ex-lead singer of NARKOTIKA and newest pack member, takes dangerous measures to find a cure for the disease infecting his pseudo family. With the help of Isabel Culpeper and a very unlikely ally, the wolves finally have some hope.FOREVER has it all - heart-warming romance, angry teen rebellion, and dry, witty humor. It made me laugh, cry, and stress in all the right amounts. FOREVER is the final book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. It provides the reader a satisfying ending while still leaving enough room for us to wonder about the future of the pack.Maggie Stiefvater has given readers a wonderful story in the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. If you haven't read them yet, run run run to the store and get them today.