Bumped - Megan McCafferty
Picture a world where a virus has rendered everyone over the age of 18 infertile. What are married couples supposed to do if they want children? That’s right! Hire a surrogate.In this world there are Professional Surrogates who enter into strict contracts with couples to provide them a baby. These surrogates are required to Bump in order to get pregnant – it’s strictly business. The boy and girl will probably be total strangers and most likely never see each other again after the pregnancy test shows a postive result. These surrogates are chosen strictly for their genetic and physical traits.Some girls are Amatuer Surrogates – not quite good enough to make it Pro. They Bump with anyone they want and then hope to find a couple willing to purchase the offspring.Melody and Harmony are identical twins who were separated at birth. At 16, they were able to looking into their birth records and found each other.Melody, a Pro Surrogate, was less than thrilled to find there was someone in the world exactly like her. It hurts her chances in business. Now she can’t be promoted by her agent as unique.Harmony couldn’t be happier to have found Melony. As someone who is neither Amatuer nor Pro, she looks forward to preaching to Melony about God and hopefully prevent her from living a life of a sinning surrogate.Megan McCafferty does an excellent job building this futuristic dystopian world. The word play alone is enjoyable. The media bombards these young tweens and teens with advertisements, clothing, and music encouraging drug use in order to help the teens relax. Condoms have been outlawed and the term baby is considered a nasty word because it encourages affection for the Bump.Harmony and Melony’s lives are turned upside down after a case of mistaken identity leads them both down paths they never imagined.When you get to the last page, you’ll ask yourself, “How long do I have to wait for the sequel?”