Bait - Alex Sánchez
Diego is in trouble with the law. After hitting a boy at school he has to stand in front of a judge and hope he doesn't end up in juvie. Diego has problems and he knows it. He has trouble handling his anger and keeping the nightmares from waking him up at night. With no one to talk to, Diego relieves his anxiety by cutting himself. He has done it so much that he is forced to wear long-sleeved shirts all the time. His scars criss-cross all over his arms and chest.Diego understands he needs help and the only way he thinks he'll get it is if he goes on probation. Against the advice of his mother and lawyer, he requests probation from the judge and gets it.Diego is assigned Mr. videos as a probation officer. The talks during their weekly meetings help Diego feel better and start the process of healing. He is able to come to terms with the causes of his anger.BAIT is a story about a young man determined to heal. While the story is sad, it ends on a hopeful note.It could have been so much better. The characters lacked emotion and seemed flat. It was like the entire book was written in monotone instead of stereo. Deigo has a love interest that was entirely too accepting of him even though they'd never really talked. The romance should have been a bigger part of the story. We could have seen an entirely different part of his problem through his interaction with her. All in all, this was an okay read. What makes this book different is the fact it has a boy main character. Here are other books with a similar subject (even though the main characters are girls):IDENTICAL by Ellen Hopkins, CHINESE HANDCUFFS by Chris Crutcher, and ABBY, MY LOVE by Hadley Irwin.