Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12) - Jim Butcher
Rather than give a traditional review I'm going to just give the reasons I love this series. CHANGES is #12 of the Harry Dresden series so reviewing this title would give away some important plot points of the earlier books. I've read books #1 - #11 and listened to the audiobooks of #1 - #3 even after I'd already read them. James Marsters (SPIKE from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is the narrator and he does a fantastic job of bringing Harry to life.Harry Dresden is a wizard. In fact, he is the only public wizard in Chicago and even has an ad in the phone book to try and drum up business. He does work for the Chicago PD on occasion whenever they have cases that seem "strange."Harry Dresden comes into contact with other wizards, both good and bad, vampires, werewolves, faeries, and a myriad of other supernatural beings. He does it all with sarcastic humor that will make the reader laugh out loud.Jim Butcher also does a great job of developing his secondary characters in this series, the most important probably being Karrin Murphy. (Sidenote: My name is Karin - if only Jim Butcher would have left out that extra R it would have been spelled just like mine. Also, I loved hearing James Marsters say my name on the audio book. If only he were whispering it in my ear!! HA HA HA)Specifically, about CHANGES, it is probably the best book in the series. Jim Butcher gives his readers a thrilling ride and leaves them begging for the next installment. If you haven't read this series yet, go get the first one NOW!!!I gave it the YA CROSSOVER button because there is no reason high school kids couldn't read and enjoy this series. There isn't much sex or language to worry about.