Drought - Pam Bachorz
DROUGHT is about a girl named Ruby who lives as a slave with her mother and the other followers of Otto. She is approximately 200-years-old as are the others in her group.  The water they drink gives them extended life. They are enslaved by Darwin West, an evil, greedy man who is in love with Ruby's mother and furious she doesn't feel the same. He has enslaved the Congregants since the early-nineteenth century and are forced to live as they did back then even though he himself enjoys modern day conveniences.Darwin West and his cruel Overseers force the Congregants to go into the woods and gather water everyday.  The problem is they are in a drought like no one has ever seen.  They haven't seen rain in YEARS. The Congregants are forced to scrape dew off of leaves in order to get the water they need. Darwin's quotas are unrealistic and whoever doesn't gather their share is beaten with chains in front of the group. Ruby's mother takes everyone's beatings for them since she knows Ruby's secret. It is Ruby that gives the water the power of extending life. Only the Elders of the group know the secret. A drop or two of her blood mixed into the water is all it takes.  It is Ruby that heals her mother's broken body every night by mixing some of her blood in the water they wash over her mother's skin.Ruby is desperate to leave - to fight back against Darwin and the Overseers, but it isn't the way she has been taught. When she meets a new Overseers named Ford escape becomes even more tempting. She could leave with him so easily and finally be in the modern world, but can she leave the ones she loves behind and doom them all to death at the same time? DROUGHT was okay. I love CANDOR by Bachorz and really hoped for the same edge-of-your-seat conflict, but I just didn't get that from this book. I almost had to force myself to finish it.