She's So Dead to Us - Kieran Scott
It’s been 18 months since Ally Ryan has lived in Orchard Hill and she is nervous about moving back. She doesn’t know how her friends are going to welcome her back after she left without even saying goodbye to them.Ally didn’t have any warning the night her and her parents left town. With her parents fighting and yelling at her to pack whatever she can, Ally couldn’t think straight. She couldn’t even process what was going on or why they had to leave. When she found out that her father made a horrible investment and lost their house, cars, and everything of value she felt bad enough, but when she realized her father had lost her best friends’ parents money as well, she was devastated.Ally knows it might take a little while to ease back into the life she left behind, but since what her father did wasn’t her fault she has high hopes for seeing her friends again. The first thing Ally does when she and her mother arrive in town is to hop on her bike and ride over to her old house. She can’t help but reminisce about all the times she and her friends ran around their upscale neighborhood. She is surprised to see a gorgeous guy poke his head out of her old bedroom window.Jake Graydon moved to Orchard Hill after the scandal and doesn’t know much about Ally except what he’s heard in passing from his friends. His friends just happen to be Ally’s old friends. It is almost like Jake stepped in and took Ally’s place in the Cresties (the kids that live on the Crest, a.k.a. the rich kids).Ally and her mother don’t have much money and can only afford to live in a condo down the hill from The Crest. Living in this part of town makes her a Norm and needless to say, Norms and Cresties don’t mingle.Ally’s friends don’t give her a warm welcome. They freeze her out, play pranks, and are verbally abusive. To make matters worse, Ally can’t stop thinking about Jake – the least available boy in school (to her anyway).SHE’S SO DEAD TO US is told in alternating points of view – Ally’s and Jake’s. The story takes place over the course of Ally and her friends’ Junior year. Kieran Scott does a wonderful job creating a realistic high school world including all the drama that goes along with it. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Jake – a lovable yet flawed character. Kieran Scott leaves the reader with some questions at the end of the story, but not so many that the reader will be unsatisfied.