Glimmerglass - Jenna Black
Dana Hathaway has a drunk for a mother. She has been forced to move countless times making it difficult for her to make friends. Dana has learned to keep everyone at a distance to prevent the heartbreak of losing special people from her life. After sixteen years as being the adult in the relationship (paying bills, shopping, taking care of her mother), Dana has had enough. Her mother frequently talks about her father and why she kept Dana away from him, but she feels the only way to get her mother to stop drinking is to run away to Avalon and find her father - forcing her mother to wake up and take responsibility for her own life.Dana has always known her father was faerie and, if she can believe what her mother said during her drunken ramblings, he was an extremely important figure in the faerie/Avalon community. Dana is very nervous about meeting her father. He seemed excited and receptive when she made contact with him and she was thrilled when he offered to pay her way to Avalon. As soon as she lands in England, Dana's life becomes very complicated. First, her father doesn't meet her at the airport like they arranged. Second, she is kidnapped and held in a basement cell. Third, a gorgeous Fae boy named Ethan send her mind reeling. The list goes on and on.Dana finds out she is a very special girl. The Seelie and Unseelie Courts both want her - thinking they'll secure their power in Avalon with Dana as their tool. The Faerie Queens also have a problem with Dana. Her power makes them nervous and they'd rather just kill her than deal with her. Dana soon discovers coming to Avalon might have been a mistake, but is it too late for her to get out?GLIMMERGLASS was a great story and an enjoyable book to listen to. The only reason it didn't get my top rating is because I feel this is really an introduction to a bigger story. I think the author should have left out a little of the middle and had more of a resolved ending. One thing that irritated me was that it seemed Dana wanted nothing more than to get away from her mother and then as soon as she gets to Avalon, wants nothing more than to get away from her father.There were several characters I really enjoyed getting to know. Finn, Dana's body guard. Keen (I'm not sure of the spelling because I listened to this on audio) - Finn's son and Dana's self-defense instructor. Ethan, the sexy, Unseelie Fae and his sister, Kimber, who becomes Dana's close friend. Jenna Black did a great job of keeping up with multiple characters without making the story confusing.