Passing Strange - Daniel Waters
Let me start out by saying, you’ll want to read the first two books in this series before picking up PASSING STRANGE. If you don’t, you’ll be lost on the ins and outs of the plots and characters. Generation DeadKiss of LifeThe author, Daniel Waters, takes a different approach with PASSING STRANGE. The first two books focus on Phoebe and her struggles as she braves the world of high school in a world where some teens are coming back from the dead. Her heart is pulled in two different directions – she is fascinated with Tommy, a new differently-biotic boy that enrolls at school, but at the same time, has growing feelings for Adam, her long-time friend and next-door neighbor. PASSING STRANGE tells the story of an important, but side character named Karen DeSonne.Karen is one of the most advanced/high functioning zombies anyone has ever seen. She moves with grace, speaks without hitches, and is the envy of even the traditionally-biotic girls at school. Since the events that took place in KISS OF LIFE that led to the laws preventing the differently-biotic from being in public without a legal guardian and attending school, Karen has been the only zombie out in the open. In fact, Karen isn’t just out in the open as a zombie, but she is “passing” as a traditionally-biotic teenager. With the help of dyed hair and blue contacts, Karen got a job at the local mall and begins to use her ability to blend in to help the differently-biotic cause.When Karen has the chance to infiltrate the enemy to gain information that could shine light on a conspiracy to make the zombies look guilty of crimes they didn’t commit, she doesn’t hesitate. She puts herself in many dangerous situations with one of the most active anti-zombie radicals to date. Knowing she can help allows her to keep meeting Pete – even when he wants to kiss her.The reader learns a lot about Karen in this novel. Karen has always appeared happy-go-lucky in the previous books so it was interesting to find out she isn’t very happy. She has a lot to be sad about and you’ll sympathize with her as she explains everything going on in her life and eventually reveals a huge secret.I’ve loved every one of the GENERATION DEAD books and PASSING STRANGE is no different. It only took me a day to finish and I was extremely happy with the hopeful ending. I can’t wait for the next installment to this wonderfully unique series. Thanks, Dan! Keep up the good work.