Wayfarer - R.J. Anderson
WAYFARER takes place fourteen years after FAERY REBELS: SPELL HUNTER. It is more of a companion than a sequel since the main character is Linden, Knife’s foster daughter.Linden lives in the Oak with the other faeries. The Queen is ill and not expected to live much longer and all the faeries are worried about what will happen to them when the Queen’s magic is no longer able to protect their home. Paul and Knife do all they can from the outside, but it isn’t enough. The crows keep flying around and they seem to be multiplying.Paul’s nephew, Timothy, ends up staying with him and Knife after being suspended for two weeks from the boarding school he attends. Timothy has fond memories of staying with Paul and enjoys the outdoors and he can’t wait to go visit the Oak tree he remembers. The problem is, Paul and Knife keep telling him to stay away.When the Queen can’t put it off anymore, she shares some of her magic with Linden and Valerian. It will be up to them to find a way to protect the Oak. They need to find faeries with magic to help them. They need other faeries to save them. The faeries in the Oak will die if they can’t find a way to reverse the curse Jasmine placed on them years ago.When Timothy gets his feelings hurt by Paul and Knife, he decides to leave and spend his two weeks off in London staying in hostels. Linden sees her chance to seeks help from beyond their back yard. After exposing herself to Timothy, she explains what she needs and why she needs his help. Together they find danger and adventure. But, can they find the help they need?WAYFARER was a bit of a disappointment. I felt FAERY REBELS was a great book for middle school and above. WAYFARER is too, but it lacked the intensity of the first book. Things happened too easily for Linden and Timothy. It also seemed like the author made jumps in time, most likely to keep the story moving, but skipped some parts where I would have liked a little more explanation.