Winter's End - Jean-Claude Mourlevat, Anthea Bell
WINTER’S END is advertised as “a gripping dystopian novel.” Sadly, it didn’t live up to the hype.Four teenagers, two boys and two girls, live in strictly-run boarding schools in a unspecified time period in a world under intense governmental control. After the boys and girls meet (by accident) their lives become filled with danger.Two of them, Bart and Milena, escape first, sending the other two, Milo and Helen chasing after them. Three of the four make it to the safety of Capital City with the help of the Rebellion while one is captured and forced to fight in a Gladiator-type setting for the enjoyment of the population.Bart, Milena, and Helen do their part to fight against the government while hoping Milo will make it out of the arena alive. Milena has a particularly important role in the Resistance. Can she alone encourage the people to rise up against the government?The book started out okay, but lost my attention about half way through. The book lacked a satisfying ending. Some of the problems might have been due to the translation. WINTER’S END was originally written in French. For a dystopian book about governmental control and fights to the death, HUNGER GAMES is definitely the way to go.