The Dead of Night - John Marsden
THE DEAD OF NIGHT is the second book in the amazing Tomorrow Series. It picks up where TOMORROW, WHEN THE WAR BEGAN ends and is just as exciting!Ellie and her friends continue to battle against unknown invaders. They are forced to act like a military force without any of the training. Even though they are sticking close to home, they feel they are contributing to the fight and causing the enemy some hardship.In an attempt to locate an alternate escape route out of Hell, the teens stumble upon what appears to be a base camp of some sort. After some reconnaissance, they decide the “army” is local and safe to approach. They are welcomed to the camp and given a place to sleep, food to eat, and jobs to do. Ellie is especially glad to be there – relieved the adults are going to be in charge of making big decisions again. She doesn’t particularly like how the women of the camp are treated though. Apparently, the leader, Harvey of Harvey’s Heroes, thinks women should be in charge of the cooking and cleaning while the fighting and strategizing is done by the men. As you can imagine, Ellie and Harvey don’t get along very well.Their time with Harvey’s Heroes doesn’t last long as disaster strikes during one of the missions Harvey organizes. Ellie and her friends are on their own once again. Realizing they did more damage when they were on their own causes them to look for another way to upset the enemy. They find their opportunity in Wirrawee.THE DEAD OF NIGHT contains more of the same action and adventure as the first book in the series. The big bang of an ending will definitely have your scrambling for the third. Ellie continues to be the narrator of the story, which gives the reader a great insight to her thoughts and emotions. The kids can’t help but change with everything they’ve seen and done and it is interesting to see how the different characters react to the horrors of war.[NOTE: There is a sex scene in this book. It isn't sickly sweet or overly graphic, but it is straightforward.]