Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story - Adam Rex
Doug wasn’t meant to be a vampire. He was turned by a starving, newly-made vampire totally by accident. Doug was in the wrong place at the wrong time and now he’ll be fat and fifteen forever.Doug can’t seem to find any girls with vampire fetishes to feed on so he resorts to drinking blood from cows in the dead of night. Only his best friend knows his secret until the local band of vampires approaches him to find out who made him.In the midst of normal high school problems, Doug is expected to learn the vampire way and avoid being captured by the TV Show Vampire Hunters, whos host is hot on his heels.If you thought being an unpopular, overweight teenager was hard, throw in some vampires and see how it goes.Despite the great cover, FAT VAMPIRE falls flat. At times it made me want to roll my eyes and it was hard to continue reading. Doug isn’t a likeable character and got on my nerves several times throughout the story. I was completely disappointed – I really wanted this to be a good book.