The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa
It would be best to read THE IRON KING before you read THE IRON DAUGHTER. Possible SPOILERS – BEWARE.THE IRON DAUGHTER picks up where THE IRON KING leaves off. Meghan Chase, half Summer faery, half human is a “guest” in the Winter Court. Meghan promised Ash, the Winter Prince, that she would go back with him to his court and appear before the Queen in return for his help in rescuing her brother from the Iron Fey. The ice-cold world is difficult for Meghan handle. She feels isolated and alone and unsure of what to expect from the Queen. The only thing that keeps her going is the thought of seeing Ash again. Her feelings for him turned into something strong and unexpected and she is sure he feels the same way, but every time she catches his eye around the palace, he treats her like he can’t stand the sight of her. The others in the palace aren’t much nicer.Meghan and Ash are forced to work together again when a VERY important item is stolen from the Winter Court. Thinking the Summer Court is responsible, the Winter Queen declares war. Meghan and Ash must retrieve the stolen item in order to save the Faery Realm, and quite possibly, the human world as well. Meghan and Ash are, once again, joined by Grimalkin and Puck on this dangerous mission. With the help of a very unlikely ally, the group must travel deep into the world of the Iron Fey.THE IRON DAUGHTER is filled with action, adventure, betrayal, and romance. From the minute I opened the book I couldn’t put it down. Your heart will ache for Meghan as she attempts to deal with her feelings for Ash. Julie Kagawa creates a wonderful fantasy world by blending traditional Faery lore with the new and unique Iron Fey. Fans of the first novel, THE IRON KING, will not be disappointed in this installment of the series. In fact, they’ll be begging for more. The ending leaves room for this amazing story to continue. I can’t wait to see what happens next.