Hourglass - Claudia Gray
This third installment in the Evernight series picks up where STARGAZER left off. [NOTE: You should read EVERNIGHT and STARGAZER to fully understand the story.]Bianca and Lucas are on the run with the Black Cross after the attack on Evernight Academy. Even though Bianca isn’t a true vampire, she is still in danger from the Black Cross. If they found out she drank blood and has vampire parents they wouldn’t hesitate to kill her. As difficult as it is to maintain her secret, she manages to find a way to feed without giving herself away.Life with the Black Cross isn’t easy. They sleep in dirty, tight quarters, eat miserable tasting food, and train until they are bone weary. Learning to kill vampires is difficult for Bianca. She feels conflicted every time she is in a fight.It doesn’t take long for the Evernight staff to catch up with the Black Cross and the cell is forced to retreat. Bianca doesn’t think life can get much worse – until the unthinkable happens. Bianca’s secret is discovered and she is betrayed by someone is considers a friend.Now, on the run and totally on their own, Bianca and Lucas must find a way to survive without money, jobs, or a place to live. AND – the worst is still to come!Claudia Gray is shaking things up in this installment of the Evernight series. Things will never be the same. As a big fan of the series, I can’t imagine how things are going to end up when all is said and done. AFTERLIFE, Evernight #4, is set to be released in 2011.