Blood Water - Dean Vincent Carter
Dr. Morrow has discovered a unique and curious creature. He spends countless hours conducting experiments on it in order to learn about the abilities and intelligence of the creature. It is nothing like he has ever seen before. If it is as intelligent as it appears to be, it would be devastating if it landed in the wrong hands – and one particular scientist has been snooping around causing Dr. Morrow to be extra cautious.The unthinkable happens and the creature finds a way out of the lab. At the same time, the town is being bombarded by a torrential downpour leaving the inhabitants stranded and immobilized. During the rise of the flood waters, Sean, a young teen, happens to witness a man struggling to climb out of the roaring, fast-flowing river. He attempts to climb down the bank to help the man, but stops when he sees the man become violently ill. The man vomits blood until there doesn’t seem to be any left in his body. After the blood, a black oozing substance flows out of his mouth. The man jerks away and falls back into the water and Sean leaves the riverbank and searches for a way to get home. The smell coming from the black ooze was too much to take.The black ooze is the creature Dr. Morrow found and it can travel from host to host by entering the mouths of its victims. BLOOD WATER follows the path of the creature as it flows from host to host. The creature infects the host as soon as it enters their body. It only takes a short time for the host to deteriorate enough to cause the creature to search out another body. Sean and his brother, James, try to find help in putting a stop to the killing spree of this terrible creature, losing many people along the way.BLOOD WATER is being promoted as a horror novel, but falls short when it comes to creepy suspense. The only disturbing aspect of the book is when the author details what happens to the infected hosts before they finally die. BLOOD WATER is short and, I have to say, that is probably the only reason I finished it.