Crashed - Robin Wasserman
Months have passed since the terrible accident that left Auden injured and Lia aware of how much better it would be for everyone if she just left and never made contact with her old life again. She makes her way to Jude and his band of thrill-seeking Mechs. For a while, life is good. She has plenty of credit, she lives in a mansion surrounded by other Mechs, and access to several bootlegged med-tech downloads. Lia is even in charge of tours around the estate for newly downloaded Mechs considering making it their home.Lia doesn’t trust Jude, but she accepts him as the leader of the group. When he insists she travel with Riley to a Corp Town to meet with his source for the bootlegged material he has been smuggling into the mansion, she doesn’t have a choice. While she is there, the unthinkable happens leaving her and Riley on the run.Battle lines are drawn as Savona breaks away from the Faith Party and established the Brotherhood of Man, an organization dedicated to protecting the sanctity of human life. Savona instills fear in his followers in an attempt to start a revolution and force BioMax to halt production of future Mechs and limit the lives of the ones currently in operation.Lia gets caught up in the cause, but as plans become more and more dangerous she begins to have second thoughts. How far can she follow Jude? Is she willing to allow him to go as far as he wants to go? Is she willing to end lives whether they be Mech or Org, to protect her own life? What will she do for the ones she loves? In the end, Lia must choose where her loyalties lie.CRASHED is a wonderful follow-up to SKINNED. The world Robin Wasserman creates is creative and fascinating and even though the main characters are mechanical, many still find a way to be dynamic and evolve during the story. CRASHED is the second in a planned trilogy and I for one can’t wait for the conclusion.If you love these books as much as I do, you might want to check out these titles:UGLIES by Scott WesterfeldPRETTIES by Scott WesterfeldSPECIALS by Scott WesterfeldTHE ADORATION OF JENNA FOX by Mary E. PearsonAIRHEAD by Meg Cabot