The Maze Runner - James Dashner
Thomas has no memory. He doesn’t know how he came to be in the pitch black metal box that seems to be traveling upward. Time means nothing. It’s too difficult to make sense out of what’s happening and when the box finally stops, he feels both relieved and scared. When the doors open, he has no idea what to expect.Thomas has arrived in the Glade, a small village inhabited by a variety of boys. Some as old as seventeen while others are as young as twelve. The Gladers were expecting Thomas. Once a month The Creators (the unseen and unknown people who created the Glade) sends a new boy in the box. Once a week, supplies arrive in the same fashion. At first glance, things seem pretty nice in the Glade. There is a working farm, animals to slaughter for meat, and electricity. Everyone has a job to do and the village seems to work smoothly. There is only one major rule that Thomas has to follow – don’t go into the Maze.The Maze surrounds the Glade. Everyday boys called Runners go out into the Maze to explore and look for ways to escape. The problem is the walls move everyday making it difficult to find a pattern. Every evening the doors leading into the Glade close automatically, locking the boys inside – for their own good. While everything seems peaceful enough inside the Glade, it is just the opposite in the Maze. Grotesque and dangerous creatures called Grievers roam the Maze at night. Grievers have metal spikes and stingers that poison those unfortunate enough to come into contact with them. If they make it back to the Glade in time and receive a serum, it is possible to survive, but only after going through the The Changing.Things change the day after Thomas arrives when the Glade receives another delivery. This time a girl is in the metal box and she whispers, “Everything is going to change,” before she loses consciousness. A note is clutched in her hand that states: She’s the last one. Ever.The Gladers must find a way to get out of the Maze in order to survive. Time is running out.THE MAZE RUNNER is a thrilling tale. Adventure and suspense run throughout the story. James Dashner does a superb job keeping the reader guessing right up until the last page.