Time of the Witches - Anna Myers
On a cold January night two mothers went into labor. Two babies, a boy and a girl, were born at exactly the same time, but one mother didn’t survive. One was left to raise both children.Gabe and Drucilla have been together since the cold night of their birth and even though Gabe’s mother has loved Drucilla like her own, she still has a longing for a family of her own. For fifteen years Gabe and Dru were connected – bound in friendship and heart, but life doesn’t always work out the way it is meant to.When Gabe’s mother dies, the two teens are forced to find somewhere else to live as servants and for the first time in their lives they won’t be together. The farms they are to work at are side by side, but the families are at odds. Dru goes to live with Thomas Putnam, Jr. while Gabe is to live with Mary Putnam, Thomas’ stepmother. Both farms are in Salem Village.In an attempt to make a home for herself with the Putnams, Dru finds herself in a situation that puts many members of the village in danger. Accusations of witchcraft fly as Dru and other girls begin to point their fingers at members of the community – many times at the encouragement of Thomas Putnam’s wife – the woman Dru tried to treat like the mother she never had.Anna Myers has written a watered down version of The Crucible. While the story was entertaining, it would have been much better had it been from the point of view of someone being accused rather than one of the girls making the accusations. I found Dru to be weak and became angry and irritated with her several times throughout the book. Readers will feel more for Gabe even though he isn’t the main character.