Night Runner - Max  Turner
Zack Thomson lives in the Nicholls Ward – a mental institution, but it isn’t too bad. His medical condition makes it necessary for him to sleep all day and eat a very special diet consisting of strawberry smoothies. Living at Nicholls Ward ensures he gets everything he needs. He likes most of the people there, even the patients, but one nurse in particular is very close to his heart. Nurse Ophelia is the one that usually checks on him to make sure he has everything he needs and makes his dinner and snack during the night shift when she works.Zack has a best friend named Charlie that comes to visit him often. They play video games or move furniture around to create barriers for ping pong wars. Since Zack is only up at night, he basically has the place to himself so they can do just about anything they want (as long as they put everything back by morning). Sometimes Nurse Ophelia even takes him and Charlie out bowling. Zack has never given leaving Nicholls Ward a second thought – until someone comes crashing through the front entrance on a motorcycle and tells him to RUN!Zack is running for his life. With the help of Charlie he tries to stay out of sight and find the truth. The truth about his father’s death and the truth about himself. Nothing is as it seems.NIGHT RUNNER is great. I picked it up because I saw that someone mentioned that it was gory and thought it might be a good horror novel. While there is some biting and bloodshed, it isn’t anything I would consider horror. Vampire lovers will like it.NIGHT RUNNER is Max Turner’s first novel. He is a high school science teacher in Ottawa. I can’t wait for the sequel. ”Turner confirmed there would be a sequel. In fact, he had previously written and finished the sequel before he brought Night Runner to Harper Collins; however, due to a change in the ending of his debut novel, Turner rewrote the sequel three times before being satisfied.” (East Ottawa Star, Nov. 2008)Check out Max Turner’s Facebook Page.