Hate List - Jennifer Brown
Valerie is alone. Her family tiptoes around her, her friends act like she doesn’t exist, and most of the people in the community think she should be dead. Valerie’s boyfriend, the person she trusted more than anyone else, shattered her life when he brought a gun to school and wounded several students and killed many others, including himself. Most people believe Valerie was involved, but she had no idea what Nick was planning.After spending weeks in the hospital recovering from a near fatal gunshot wound to the leg, Valerie is moved to the psychiatric ward for observation. During the many therapy sessions, she begins to think back on her relationship with Nick and all the events that led up to the terrible event that changed an entire community.HATE LIST is an extremely powerful story. I was in tears for the last eighty pages and felt emotionally drained by the time I reached the last page. Jennifer Brown has given us a wonderful example of the importance of keeping a watchful eye out for bullying in our schools.Valerie is a strong character and it was a pleasure to witness her healing process. Once I started HATE LIST I couldn’t stop. I read every chance I could. Even though the subject matter is very serious, this book was a pleasure to read. Thank you Jennifer Brown.