Generation Dead - Daniel Waters
Generation Dead is Daniel Water’s first novel and he did a bang up job! He captured the voices of teenagers who are navigating their way through the trials and tribulations of high school. The only difference between a regular high school and the high school in this book is that for some reason, and no one knows why - not even the scientists, SOME teenagers that die aren’t staying dead. They are referred to as “living impaired” or “differently biotic.” Phoebe, a goth to the bone girl, is the main character of this interesting story. Adam is her best friend, football star, next door neighbor. Margi is her best friend. Together they experience life with the “differently biotic” - each are affected a different way. Phoebe becomes fascinated and starts to fall for Tommy, the leader of the “differently biotic” kids. Since all of the zombies, as they like to call themselves, don’t come back the same - meaning some move and communicate better than others - Tommy makes sure some of the lower functioning ones aren’t left alone walking through the halls or in the cafeteria. Phoebe’s feelings for Tommy cause a lot of talk. People can’t believe she would want to have anything to do with a dead person.Adam has to deal with Tommy in his own way. Tommy decides he wants to join the football team. The coach doesn’t want him to, of course, but the principal tells him he has no choice. Adam is the only player that gives Tommy a chance and sees what a great player he really is. The problem is, Adam starts to realize he has feelings that go beyond friendship for Phoebe and a love triangle is formed.Margi can’t understand why Phoebe is warming up to the zombies. One of their best friends is one and Margi can’t seem to get past that Courtney was once alive and hung out with them all the time. She struggles to see what Phoebe likes about the zombies.This fresh look at teen fiction contains it all. Light romance, paranormal oddities, danger, and suspense. Be sure to check this out as soon as it hits the shelf.