Royal Blood - Ellen Schreiber
Raven has enjoyed a blissful summer with the love of her life, Alexander, and dreads returning to High School. Not only will she lose the freedom to spend her nights cuddled next to Alexander in his coffin, but she’ll also have to deal with preppy Trevor, the bane of her existence, everyday.Things start to shake up around Dullsville when Alexander’s parents come to town for a visit. Raven notices Alexander doesn’t seem excited to have them back. In fact, he seems a little distant. Almost everyone she knows catches a glimpse of the mysterious couple before she does and Raven begins to worry that Alexander doesn’t want her to meet his parents. She is relieved when she finally receives a dinner invitation.Alexander’s parents are everything she has dreamed of becoming. They are elegant and seductive with dark and gothic tastes. Raven falls in love with them immediately. However, she gets the impression that they would have preferred Alexander had fallen in love with someone more like them – someone with sharp pointy teeth that sleeps during the day.Raven’s dream world shatters when she learns the true reason for the Alexander’s parents’ visit. Can Raven and Alexander prevent the disaster that threatens their future happiness?Ellen Schreiber has written a wonderful sixth book in the Vampire Kisses series. This installment is definitely my favorite out of the last several books. It was nice to see more Raven and Alexander interaction for a change – neither of them off on their own, trying to solve a mystery while keeping the other one “safe”. If you are in the need for an entertaining book that doesn’t make you think too hard, then this is the series for you.Raven’s quirkiness and interactions with her family provide comic relief while she navigates the world of the extremely traditional Dullsville. Be sure to read them all in order. However, I have to say, if you are new to the series, ROYAL BLOOD would be a good place to start too. This one, while being the sixth in the series, could almost be a stand-alone. You’d miss some of the connections between Raven and her school friends, but other than that, Ellen Schreiber does a good job of providing enough backstory that the reader wouldn’t feel lost even if they had never met Raven before.The others in the series are:VAMPIRE KISSESKISSING COFFINSVAMPIREVILLEDANCE WITH A VAMPIRESTHE COFFIN CLUBHere is the website for the series.There are also two graphic novels out for this series and a third one on its way.VAMPIRE KISSES: BLOOD RELATIVES VOL. 1VAMPIRE KISSES: BLOOD RELATIVES VOL. 2