Catching Fire (Hunger Games Series #2) -
After a fantastic start with THE HUNGER GAMES, can Suzanne Collins keep the excitement going in CATCHING FIRE? Ummm, that would be a yes!Katniss is having a difficult time adjusting to life in Victory Village. She misses the time when she could spend her days hunting in the woods behind her simple home in the Seam with Gale by her side. Now, with Gale working in the coal mines, her daily routine consists of hunting by herself in order to provide food for Gale’s family and going by the Hob to spread around some of her new wealth to the merchants at the Black Market.Katniss’ bold move at the end of THE HUNGER GAMES has put her and everyone she loves in a dangerous situation. Witnessing Katniss and Peeta’s defiance has sparked rebellion in some of the districts and the President of Panem is not happy. He makes it clear that it is Katniss’ responsibility to put a stop to the unrest in the districts by proving her defiance was a result of her love for Peeta and not done to overthrow the government.Katniss must face some of her toughest challenges yet in CATCHING FIRE. Challenges of conscience. Challenges of love. Challenges of survival.CATCHING FIRE is just as addicting as THE HUNGER GAMES. Suzanne Collins has done a fantastic job of taking us back to the complicated world of Panem. There were definite surprises throughout the story. I didn’t expect Katniss to have to go through the things she did. You’ll be breathless by the time you get to the end of CATCHING FIRE and cursing that you don’t have the third and final book in this fantastic trilogy.