Prom Dates from Hell - Rosemary Clement-Moore
Maggie Quinn is a high school senior who spends her time taking photos for the yearbook and writing stories for the school’s newspaper. She is completely content with staying under the radar in order to avoid coming into contact with the Jocks and the Jessicas (the girls that seem to run the school). Everything is working out just fine until she snaps some incriminating pictures of the Jocks bullying one of the bigger geeks of the school. Soon, after her creative photo rescue, Maggie starts having disturbing dreams. She has ignored her dreams for a long time and has tried to forget the fact that she has psychic abilities. But with someone or something picking off the Jocks and the Jessicas one-by-one, she is going to have to start tapping into her mojo. With the help of her Grandmother and a new friend named Justin, Maggie starts to put her powers to work to solve the mystery.Maggie Quinn is a delightful main character. She is quick witted, sarcastic, and cynical and her one-liners will have you rolling. Check out a couple of entries back for my “Say It Again” Saturday post where I listed a few of my favorite lines from PROM DATES FROM HELL. You’ll want to pick up the sequel as soon as you finish. Also, there is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer connection - The Prom where Buffy saves the prom from the devil dogs has a similar feel.