Evermore - Alyson Noel
Ever has survived the unthinkable. She is the lone survivor of the automobile accident that took the lives of every member of her family - including the family pet. Since her “near death” experience, she hasn’t been the same. Not only is she battling with feelings of guilt for being alive, she now has psychic abilities. She can read minds and nothing is secret anymore. In order to block out the noise that constantly surrounds her, she keeps her iPod cranked to dangerous levels, hoping to distract herself.Her self-isolation naturally leads to a lack of friends. Only Haven and Miles, outsides in their own rights, keep Ever company at school and on occasional weekends.One day flows into the next, until a new boy shows up at school. Damen causes quite a stir with his amazing good looks and charming personality, but there is something strange about him too. Damen silences the noise in Ever’s head. Whenever he talks, he is all she hears. Whenever he touches her, everyone around her seems to disappear and a warm, tingly feeling creeps up her body. This would be great if Ever felt she could trust him, but something just doesn’t seem right about him.Ever must come to terms with her life while dealing with a mysterious woman that seems to have a connection to Damen. Ever refuses to learn more about her psychic abilities and would rather them just disappear, but in trying ignore them, she puts herself in danger.Can Ever find a way to live with her abilities and is Damen worthy of her trust? Read EVERMORE by Alyson Noel to join Ever on her journey through the Immortals Series. The second novel, BLUE MOON, will be available August 2009.