Vibes - Amy Kathleen Ryan
Kristi can read minds. This may sound cool, but she doesn’t get any enjoyment out of it. For the most part she just hears people thinking:1 - how strange everyone thinks she is.2 - what guys think about when they look at her large chest.3 - her mother wondering why Kristi avoids her.Kristi’s life took a dramatic turn two years ago. Her father left, her best friend moved up the popularity ladder and left her behind, and Gusty, the boy she was totally in love with, made it pretty clear he didn’t want anything to do wit her. Pretty much the only thing that gives her any pleasure is listening to operas, designing and making her own clothes, and her cat, Minnie. She has worked herself into a nice, comfortable rut.Several things happen at once that shake up her world. Her father comes back from Africa, a new boy enrolls at school and appreciates her creativity, and Gusty turns out to be her partner for a huge school project. Everything she thinks she knows comes into question.Kristi is a fantastic character. Her hilarious, sarcastic attitude and witty remarks will leave the reader giggling out loud several times throughout the story. You’ll want everything to work out for her.Amy Kathleen Ryan does a great job capturing the insecure feelings of a solitary teenager. The progressive high school, Journeys, is a wonderful backdrop for this unique story. Click here to visit the author’s website for contests and great writing advice.