Betwixt - Tara Bray Smith
BETWIXT is a difficult novel to summarize or explain. To tell the truth, it is a little confusing. Three teenagers:Sweet and popular Ondine,Tough and determined Morgan, andRunaway loner Nixare inexplicably drawn together and thrust into the dark and dangerous world of the fay. Each deals with the news of their true identity differently. In addition to dealing with the fear of what is to come and learning about their new powers, Ondine, Morgan, and Nix must face evil fay, called cutters, who are out to kill them.BETWIXT is complex. There are several characters to keep up with and the world that Ondine, Morgan, and Nix are preparing to go to once their transition period in the earthly realm is over, isn’t explained very well. The ending lacks closure and might not satisfy the reader. If you are wanting a book dealing with faeries, there are better choices available.LAMENT by Maggie StiefvaterWICKED LOVELY by Melissa MarrWONDROUS STRANGE by Lesley LivingstonTITHE by Holly Black