Deadly Little Secret - Laurie Faria Stolarz
Camelia lives a very normal life. She has loving parents, two best friends, a good job, and decent grades. Everything changes for her when she is almost killed in the parking lot at school on the last day of her sophomore year. A mysterious stranger saved her by pushing her out of the way. His touch is electric and Camelia can’t get his face and the feel of his touch out of her mind. The problem is, he disappeared after he saved her. Three months later, at the beginning of junior year, strange things start to happen. Camelia receives photos of herself in her mailbox with notes attached. Notes that say she is being watched at all times. Notes that tell her to be a good girl. Notes that say her time is coming soon. She also receives phone calls from someone with a whispery, male voice. Camelia is being stalked and, coincidently, her mysterious savior enrolls at her school at the same time.A cloud of rumors swirl around Ben’s arrival. Apparently he was accused of killing his girlfriend and the people at Camelia’s school aren’t happy he is there. Camelia is drawn to Ben because of the connection she feels after he saved her, but Ben doesn’t make it easy to get to know him. As she spends more time with Ben and the stalking escalates, Camelia doesn’t know who to trust.Laurie Faria Stolarz has written a creepy mystery. The story is packed with red herrings. As you are reading, you’ll be asking yourself, “Could it be him?” “Could it be her?” Interspersed throughout the chapters, the reader gets a glimpse into the mind of the stalker by seeing his handwritten journal entries where he obsesses about Camelia. This just adds to the creep factor of the story. If you are easily frightened, I would recommend you read this book during the daytime. You might even make sure that other people are in the house with you. Be prepared to become obsessed yourself. Once you start DEADLY LITTLE SECRET you won’t want to stop. DEADLY LITTLE SECRET is the first in the Touch series. Be looking for the sequel, DEADLY LITTLE LIES, sometime in 2009.