Fragile Eternity - Melissa Marr
The long awaited sequel to WICKED LOVELY is here. Melissa Marr was kind enough to give us INK EXCHANGE, a companion to WICKED LOVELY, where we met other characters from this wildly inventive and tantalizing world, but a true sequel is what we really wanted and now we have it.Aislinn (Ash) is dealing with what being the Summer Queen means. She has both physical changes and emotional adjustments to come to terms with. She is spending more and more time with Keenan because of Summer Court business and monthly celebrations with the Summer faeries. Ash feels a pull toward Keenan, even though she knows she doesn’t love him, and feels guilty for the time she spends away from Seth – her true love.Ash’s transformation isn’t just an adjustment for her; it is taking its toll on Seth too. Being with Ash is what he wants more than anything, but the jealousy he feels when she is with Keenan monopolizes his thoughts when he’s alone. Physically, his time with Ash is difficult too. Ash’s strength has drastically increased since she has taken her role as the Summer Queen. Sunlight flows from her skin, especially after Summer’s monthly celebrations, and the heat that radiates from her leaves burns on Seth’s skin. Seth is willing to take the pain as long as he has Ash in his life, but he doesn’t know how long he will be able to keep her. Between Ash’s increased responsibilities to the Summer Court and Seth’s human mortality there doesn’t seem to be much hope.FRAGILE ETERNITY takes us back to the world we fell in love with in WICKED LOVELY. Alliances that were strong in the first book start to shift as needs and circumstances change. The Summer Court, the Winter Court, and the Dark Court all have their own agendas. Will Ash and Seth get caught in the middle?