Shadow Kiss - Richelle Mead
Thank you Richelle Mead! You have given fans of the Vampire Academy series a wonderful third novel. SHADOW KISS is probably the best out of the three. Reading VAMPIRE ACADEMY and FROSTBITE first is a must in order to really understand what is going on in the series.Rose Hathaway is training to be a Guardian. Once she graduates from St. Vladimir’s Academy she will be assigned to guard her best friend Lissa for the rest of her life. Even though everything is going along as planned, she is feels waves of jealously and anger. A lot of these feelings come from the fact that she can never have what she truly wants - love. Dimitri, her mentor and teacher, is set to be her partner after graduation. He and Rose will be the team that guards Lissa on a daily basis. The problem is, Rose and Dimitri are in love. Knowing their love isn’t allowed, they make sure to keep their relationship professional - when they can.Rose has started seeing ghosts and she feels sure they are trying to tell her something. Soon she begins to understand they are telling her that danger is on the way. Danger that will involve everyone at St. Vladimir’s. Rose is no stranger to fighting, but this time it is going to be war. Not everyone survives and Rose ends up having to make the hardest decision of her life - one that will effect both her and Lissa.SHADOW KISS left me breathless and in tears. I can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out. The way SHADOW KISS ends leads me to believe that the next one will be even better. There are so many possibilities that it makes my head spin.