Daniel X: Alien Hunter - James Patterson, Leopoldo Gout, Klaus Lyngeled, Jon Girin, Joseph McLamb
Daniel X is an alien hunter from another planet. He has powers that most people would consider pretty cool. Daniel can create anything using his mind. The most impressive thing he creates are his best friends. During times when he is the most lonely, he has his best friends appear and join him for talks, meals, and games. Daniel is on a mission. He is after Number 7 on the list of the worst aliens on Earth. Daniel found the list after his parents were killed by the most dangerous alien on earth and took over their alien hunting duties. Number 7 is the Chairman of a corporation called the Game Consortium. The Game Consortium makes its money by organizing brutal urban safaris. It breeds and releases creatures into cities and some of the worst scum in the galaxy pay for the opportunity to hunt and kill the target. Daniel gets more than he bargains for when he takes on the Chairman. He’ll have to rely on wisdom his father passes down, his friends, and a new and unlikely ally in order to survive.Daniel learns a lot about himself and friendship during his adventure to put a stop to Number 7. James Patterson does a good job of giving a short recap of Daniel’s background without making it redundant. The illustrations are great and the full-color panels really make the scenes come alive. Reading the first book in the series, THE DANGEROUS DAYS OF DANIEL X, might be helpful to understand the entire background of the Daniel’s world, but it isn’t necessary in order to enjoy this graphic novel.