Bad Girls Don't Die - Katie Alender
Alexis lives a dysfunctional high school existence. She keeps to herself taking and developing her own photographs in a darkroom at home. She doesn’t have any friends at school. She watches her parents grow farther and farther apart while they focus on their careers instead of home, but most unsettling of all is her younger sister’s fascination with her doll collection. Kasey won’t allow anyone near them and Alexis knows she has heard Kasey talking to them in the middle of the night.Strange things have been happening around the old house they live in. Water boils on its own, doors open and close automatically, and Kasey’s eyes begin to change from their normal blue to a fiery green. With the help from an unlikely ally, Alexis begins to put together the pieces of a mystery that will lead to the cause of the disturbance in her house and the cause of her sister’s evil possession. As far as ghost stories go, this is a good one. There are several layers to the mystery and the author generates a completely creepy feeling throughout the entire book. Be sure to pick up this book as soon as it comes out in April of 2009. You won’t be disappointed. Plus - what a cool cover! Even the cover is creepy.