Now You See Her - Jacquelyn Mitchard
NOW YOU SEE HER by Jacquelyn Mitchard is a frightening look inside the head of a very confused girl. The book is, essentially, the journal of Hope - a girl in trouble.The event that led to her downfall unfolds throughout the course of the story. It involves a boy, “The Plan”, “The Idea”, and Romeo and Juliet.Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of MIDNIGHT TWINS, has written another thought-provoking book. She has created a character that is a little hard to like while at the same time weaving a story the reader doesn’t want to put down. Hope’s stream of consciousness style gives authenticity to this story that really makes it feel like a young girl’s journal.If you like books that make you question what is really going on and not being able to predict exactly how it is going to end, you need to read NOW YOU SEE HER.