The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong
The New York Bestselling Author of the Women of the Otherworld Series, Kelley Armstrong, has busted in on the young adult market. THE SUMMONING is a story about Chloe Saunders, a typical high school teen with hopes of attracting the eye of a long time crush and becoming an award winning movie director when she finishes school. All her hopes go down the drain when she sees the ghost of a badly burned, long dead janitor at her school. She runs screaming through the halls and is restrained by teachers until an ambulance comes to pick her up. The next thing she knows, she is on her way to Lyle House, a home for troubled teens.Chloe attempts to be a model student and is determined to get better. After a couple of sessions with the doctor on staff at Lyle House, Chloe is convinced she has schizophrenia, but Derek, a sullen and rude boy, makes her consider other possibilities. Derek tells her she is a necromancer, a person able to communicate with the dead. The thought is terrifying, but strange incidents around Lyle House lead her to believe Derek is right.I enjoyed reading THE SUMMONING from start to finish, but I have to say that the beginning could have moved a little faster. I was expecting more ghost communication than there was. Part of the reason there isn’t much communication with ghosts is the fact that the doctors have Chole on strong medication which supress her abilities. I’m sure we’ll see more ghost activity in the sequel, THE AWAKENING. Once I got a quarter of the way into the book I knew I wasn’t going to be able to put it down. I just settled in and enjoyed the ride.