Paper Towns -
Quentin and Margo have been next door neighbors for years. As young children they were very close, but grew apart as they got older. Margo became distant and both her and Quentin became interested in different things. So, when Margo appeared at Quentin’s bedroom window in the dead of night, dressed entirely in black, he was confused and curious.What Margo had planned was an elaborate scheme of revenge and after the most exciting night of his life, Quentin feels his connection to Margo grow a little stronger. That is, until she disappears. But, Margo’s disappearance leads Quentin on the second most exciting adventure of his life.John Green has done it again. He has written another novel about a young man who can’t understand the girl he loves. He has developed characters that you’ll want to know more about as you get deeper and deeper into the story. It will leave you wondering even after you finish.