Slam - Nick Hornby
Sam's life is pretty planned out. He intends to go to University to study graphic design based on a teacher's recommendation. His mother has high hopes that he will attend University and have a successful life and not follow in her footsteps. His main concern besides school is skating. Sam doesn't like the term skateboarding and feels like he has to constantly educate people on the proper way to refer to the sport. His hero is Tony Hawk and he relies on him for advice in all aspects of his life via a poster he has on his wall.Sam was born when his mother was sixteen and had to grow up seeing first hand what a challenge it was for his mother to put aside her future in order to raise him. When Sam meets Alicia and their relationship begins to get physical they are sure to use protection except for one encounter. This encounter ends up changing both Sam and Alicia's life forever.Sam's quirky narration makes this a great book. I listened to the audiobook and found it very enjoyable. There is one part of the story that left me a little angry at Sam. I was saying to myself, "What a jerk," but he ended up being a really great guy. I totally recommend this book to anyone who enjoys humor mixed with a little seriousness.