The Scarlet Letterman - Cara Lockwood
The Scarlet Letterman takes up where its prequel, Wuthering High, left off. Miranda returns to the Bard Academy for the second semester of school. In the first book, Miranda finds out that important/famous writers like Hemingway, Bronte, and H.S. Thompson are ghosts that happen to make up the staff at Bard Academy. Literary characters can cross dimensions and come into our world. Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights also makes an appearance as a possible love interest for Miranda. However, at the end of Wuthering High, Miranda is asked to go steady with Ryan Kent, the best looking guy at Bard, and also someone she knew from her old school. She thinks everything is going to go back to normal until she receives a package in the mail. It is a locket with a piece of paper torn out of Wuthering Heights stored inside. The piece of paper says Heathcliff. Miranda is the only thing keeping Heathcliff tied to our world. Something she feels she must keep a secret.In The Scarlet Letterman everything is going fine for Miranda. She has a great boyfriend, she has good friends, and she even gets along with her roommate Blade. Things go downhill when Parker, her arch nemesis, is attacked in the woods that surround the school. Using her attack as an excuse, Parker insists Ryan starts escorting her to all of her classes and extra-curricular activities. Miranda doesn't like this, but deals with it. On top of the attacks (which continue) by the Hooded Sweatshirt Guy, rumors are flying around the school about Miranda and Ryan's sexual activity. When actually nothing has happened at all, she is rumored to have "gone all the way" with not only Ryan, but the whole basketball team too. When Ryan doesn't take this rumor seriously, Miranda and he break up.Miranda is worried that the Hooded Sweatshirt Guy is Heathcliff at first, but soon discovers that it isn't. She rescues him which allows him to join in the big mystery of this installment of the Bard Academy Novels. Teachers are disappearing. Miranda is to blame. She is being framed and is forced to wear a red sweater vest and shunned by the whole school, teachers and students. In order for her to get out of this punishment, that is driving her crazy, she must solve the mystery. Luckily she has great friends that help. Hana, Blade, and Samir from the first book, all join in to help save the day. In the end though, even though her name is cleared, she still has some problems. What should she do about her boy situation? She has Ryan and Heathcliff. Ryan says he just wants to be friends, but still seems like he likes her and Heathcliff, after being discovered by the school faculty and allowed to stay in our world, is told that he isn't allowed to form any romantic attachments since he is only allowed to stay for 3 years. The actual amount of time Heathcliff is out of the picture in Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff doesn't seem like he wants to stick to that stipulation because at the very end of the book he returns the locket that had been taken away by the faculty to Miranda; trusting her with his life once again.So this is what I say about The Bard Academy books. Cute Cute Cute!!!