Blacklisted - Gena Showalter
Blacklisted is the second novel in Gena Showalter's young adult Alien Huntress series. In Red Handed, the first novel, we met Phoenix, a fiesty girl who was recruited to serve in the AIR - Alien Investigation and Removal - a law enforcement organization established to protect humans after aliens came to earth and started living side by side with them.Blacklisted follows Erik, a recruit we met in Red Handed. He finds himself on the other side of the law. Erik now sells Onadyn, a drug needed by some aliens to live on earth and the drug of choice for teenagers in this future world. Camille, a girl that has had a crush on Erik for a long time, gets sucked into his world and finds out sometimes you need to do bad things for a good reason.Camille let her best friend talk her into going to a hot club because they overheard Erik and his best friend say they were going to be there. Erik is extremely aware of Camille's presence and inadvertantly pulls her into his fight against the AIR.Aliens who need Onadyn to live in our atmosphere must get it from official dispensaries, however not all aliens can afford it and eventually they die. Erik couldn't stand by and watch this happen. He developed a friendship with an alien whose father manufactures Onadyn illegally and begins to transport it for him.The trouble is, the AIR knows what Erik is up to and now they think Camille is involved as well. After many dangerous chases and escapes, Erik and Camille grow closer and attempt to right the wrongs of this futuristic society.This series is a great choice for any sci-fi fan. Gena Showalter is definately a young adult author to keep an eye on. She has also written Oh My Goth which is also a sci-fi book.