Something Rotten - Alan Gratz
Alan Gratz has created a wonderful mystery based on the Shakespeare play Hamlet. Horatio Wilkes is the best friend of Hamilton Prince and is spending several weeks with him at his family's home in Denmark, Tennessee. Horatio and Hamilton know eachother from boarding school and even though they come from very different backgrounds, they are very close.Hamilton's father, Rex Prince, is dead and his uncle, Claude, married his mother about a month after the funeral. This alone has upset Hamilton very much, but when he and Horatio go to the family's paper plant and find information in the form of a video tape that reveals that Hamilton's father was murdered, Hamilton really loses it!There are many suspects in this case. Could Claude have killed him for the business? Was it Ford Branff who is waging a hostile takeover of Elsinore paper - the Prince's paper company? Did Olivia Mendelsohn, Hamilton's ex-girlfriend, kill Rex because Elsinore paper has been polluting the local river for years? Horatio attempts to get to the bottom of the murder by piecing all the clues together while at the same time keeping his best friend out of trouble and safe. It is a joy making the comparisons to Hamlet as this story progresses. Alan Gratz does a superb job creating a likeable character in Horatio Wilkes. The subtitle of this book leads you to believe there will be more books involving Horatio. I can't wait to see what mystery he has to solve next.