A Matter of Days - Amber Kizer

I just finished the audio of A MATTER OF DAYS this morning. I totally enjoyed it.  Listening to it made my 5 hour drive yesterday fly by.


Nadia and her younger brother Rabbit are left alone after the Blue Star virus kills her mother along with most everyone else on Earth. Having lost her father in Afghanistan 2 years early, this is a real blow. Luckily she has some direction. Her uncle has given her instructions to travel to West Virginia to meet him at their Pappy's old coal mine. Apparently, it has been built to last any disaster.


Packing their Jeep with all the supplies they can manage, Nadia and Rabbit leave Seattle and begin their journey.  Along the way they come into contact with some good people and some not so good people. They even manage to pick up a few strays along the way. (A dog and a bird - I just love they end up with a bird.)


I felt the author did a great job conveying the emotions of the characters and describing the world after the virus pandemic. A MATTER OF DAYS is a thrilling story. I loved when the kids talked about the advice their Secret Ops father taught them to live by, especially "Be the cockroach." This is a nice edition to the YA post apocalyptic category.