Sea Change: The Seascape in Contemporary Photography - Trudy W. Stack, Roni Horn, Trudy W. Stack
Miranda didn’t plan on spending the summer on Selkie Island helping her mother sort out her grandmother’s estate. She’d planned on living her dream by interning at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. Instead, she’ll be up to her elbows in dust and debutantes.

Miranda doesn’t know what to expect when she arrives at the house known as The Mariner - the home on Selkie Island her mother visited every summer as a child. What she finds is a beautiful beach house filled with family history. A history Miranda knows nothing about because her mother and grandmother were on the outs for years.

Miranda’s mother immediately gets swept up in old summer ways, attending parties with old friends - dragging Miranda along with her and expecting her to fall into step with the customs of the Island’s summer inhabitants. Miranda doesn’t feel like she belongs with this upper crust crowd and when she meets a local boy named Leo at The Selkie Island Center for Marine Discovery, she knows exactly where she wants to be - with him. But, spending time with a local isn’t looked kindly upon by her mother or her mother’s circle of friends.

Mysteries surround the island and Leo. Mirandra struggles with her feelings of wanting to know more and afraid to find answers.

Aimee Friedman has written a beautiful novel. You’ll be able to feel the sand beneath your toes and taste the sea salt on your lips. Your heart will pound with each electrifying scene between Miranda and Leo and you’ll want to explore Selkie Island hoping to catch a glimpse of mermaids in the water.