Hunger: Examining Cause and Effect Relationships - Neal Bernards
Things aren’t getting any easier in the FAYZ (Fall-out Alley Youth Zone) since the big Thanksgiving Battle against Caine and the other Coates Academy kids. In fact, everything seems to be going from bad to worse. Sam, the appointed leader of Perdido Beach, is feeling the pressure of all the day to day decisions. The biggest problem that everyone is facing is starvation. With the fear and confusion that followed the disappearance of everyone 15 and over, the kids that were left did what they wanted - including eating what they wanted. Nothing was done to preserve food for the future, so meats and vegetables went bad, leaving food in short supply. The kids in Perdido Beach and Coates Academy are left eating what canned food is left. One day it might be asparagus for breakfast, wax beans for lunch, and hot dog relish for dinner. No one is in good spirits and when Caine recovers from his encounter with The Darkness and makes another move for power, things only get worse.

Sam is suffering from all the stress, Little Pete’s powers are getting scarier every day, some of the kids that haven’t developed powers are beginning to start trouble, and important people are switching sides. Danger is at its all time high. Death seems imminent.

Michael Grant has produced a very satisfying sequel. The tension and excitement in the story is palpable. Character development continues to be a strong point. The new characters that are introduced add to the plot, but our favorites from GONE continue to play a large role in the story. HUNGER is the second book in a six-part series. Michael Grant is currently working on the third which will be titled LIES. HUNGER will be released June 2009, but be sure to read GONE first, you’ll need the backstory to really appreciate the sequel.