Burning For Revenge - John Marsden
Stranded in their home country of Australia, Ellie, Homer, Lee, Kevin, and Fi struggle to find a way to make a difference in the war. With no sign of the Kiwi soldiers, they know they are on their own once again. With security tightening around the area, it is more difficult than ever to move around the occupied areas.

When an amazing opportunity falls into their laps, they can't ignore it - no matter how dangerous. Knowing they might not make it out alive - Ellie and her friends set out to hurt the invading army and give New Zealand the upper-hand in the battle.

BURNING FOR REVENGE takes Ellie's story to the 10th degree. Things explode, people are killed, and relationships change. Ellie is forced to examine her feelings about what has been happening during the war - how much she's changed, how much her friends have changed, and what they are willing to do to survive.