Girls That Growl (A Blood Coven Vampire Novel) - Mari Mancusi
Rayne McDonald has a complicated life, not that she didn't ask for it. She went through the a complicated process of applying to become a vampire by taking classes, keeping a Blog of her process, and getting her blood tested in order to match her with her blood mate. It wasn't her fault that her dreams of becoming a vampire were destroyed when her assigned blood mate accidentally bit her identical twin sister instead of her. It takes a while, but everything gets back to normal until she finds out she has been destined to be a vampire slayer. Completely opposite from what she wants to be. Rayne is left close to death after her battle with the vampire she was sent to kill and had to be turned into a vampire herself in order to be saved. Her blood mate, Jareth, turned her even though now they are both "handicapped" vampires; the deadly disease that Rayne had caused both her and Jareth to be weakened. They are both vampires, but they don't have the super strength and powers commonly associated with the undead. Also, they can both go out in the sun without bursting into flames which is a good thing since Rayne still lives at home and needs to remain a high school student.

GIRLS THAT GROWL is the third book in the BOYS THAT BITE series. It picks up where the second book, STAKE THAT! leaves off. Jareth has become a beach bum since he hasn't seen the sun in centuries and now can enjoy it without perishing in a ball of flames. Rayne is feeling a little distance between them since he isn't dark and brooding anymore. She also gets her new assignment from Slayers, Inc which is to infiltrate the cheerleading squad since there have been suspicious disappearances from the varsity football team and growling has been heard coming from the girls' locker room after cheerleading practice.

Rayne is what you could call a Goth Girl. Dark, brooding, tattooed, and pierced. Goths are considered the lowest rung on the social ladder of high school cliques. Cheerleaders are her enemy and getting on the squad isn't going to be easy. In fact, she has to rely on blackmail to get herself on the squad.

After seeing proof of the werewolf problem with her own eyes, Rayne and Jareth decide to track down the problem from where it originated. The cheerleaders went to a cheer competition in England and when they came back from the trip the strange occurrences and disappearances began. So, Jareth and Rayne make the trek to England to find the local Lycan pack to get to the bottom of everything. What they find is a rogue wolf that wants to start his own pack and is resorting to desperate measures to do so. Rayne and Jareth face many challenges and dangers on this trip that test their feelings for one another.

Read GIRLS THAT GROWL in order to find out if Rayne can save the day once again and whether or not she has what it takes to be a cheerleader and learn to live with a blood mate that would rather surf the waves than dance all night at raves.