The Good Ghouls' Guide to Getting Even - Julie Kenner
Beth Frasier is on the right track. She is editor of the school newspaper, has a great best friend, and is lined up to the be valedictorian of her senior class. Her life has been so focused on academics though that she doesn't feel like she has enough variety on her transcript to attract the great film schools that she wants to be accepted to. In order to remedy this she trys out for an empty spot on the drill team. She is devasted when she finds out she doesn't get the spot. She is totally shocked though when she is approached by the head cheerleader and told that she didn't make drill team because the cheer squad wanted her to join their squad instead. Reluctantly, she agrees. In part because she finds out that Stephen Wills, the hot, star quarterback, is going to be at her first practice. She wants to have the opportunity to hang out with him. She totally ends up regretting her decision.

It turns out that Stephen and most of the football team are vampires. He wants Beth to become one as well so she can work on the problem of vampires being in the sunlight. If she doesn't find a solution to the sunlight problem, Stephen says there is no reason to keep her around so she is working on a timeline with no idea how to even start.

Beth is very upset over the whole situation. The fact that she isn't able to walk around during the day like everyone else really has hampered her life plans. She fights her desires to feed from her mother by getting her hands on some blood bags from her father who is a doctor at the hospital. With the help of her best friend and an unlikely ally, Clayton who has been her arch rival at school, she comes up with a plan to get rid of Stephen and attempt to return her to her normal self.

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