Seeing Redd  - Frank Beddor
This is the second book in The Looking Glass wars series. I absolutely loved the first book, but this one was a little hard for me to read. I had to force myself to continue through the chapters.

Seeing Redd follows Redd in her quest to gather forces in order to continue her fight against Alyss. The only thing is, since Redd went into the Heart Crystal at the end of The Looking Glass Wars, she had to wait for someone to generate her, using their imagination, into the real world. Finally, she gets a painter to paint a picture of her and The Cat which allows them to come off the canvas and join the world.

Meanwhile in Wonderland, King Arch from Boarderland is assembling his own forces to fight against Alyss in order to take over ALL of Wonderland. He is using Redd as a scapegoat to keep the blame off of him. He kidnaps Hatter's daughter in order to force him to come and work for him and things begin to fall apart in Wonderland when Alyss is overwhelmed by attacks at every border. Eventually, there is a huge event that leaves many in Wonderland helpless.

Redd eventually makes it back to Wonderland after completing her maze and claiming her power. Battles ensue, people get hurt, and Redd is defeated (kind of). However, life will never be the same in Wonderland again. Alyss has lost something extremely important and will have to learn to live a new life.

I'm sure there will be a third book in this series and it might be better than Seeing Redd. This could be a bridge book. One needed to connect the story from the first book to the third book. I can picture more interested events to come.