Angels on Sunset Boulevard - Melissa  de la Cruz
I just finished Melissa de la Cruz's new book called Angels on Sunset Boulevard. First of all, you can totally tell that this is going to be the first of a series of books. It totally leaves it open at the end.

The story starts out with the disappearance of a HUGELY famous rock star right at the beginning of his largest concert ever. His girlfriend is in the audience and witnesses the event and is shocked and is worried about him. Johnny Silver met Taj on (eerily similar to, a social community for teens. Johnny and Taj first because friends and then fell in love. After posting some of his music on his profile, Johnny's popularity sky rocketed. It was nothing but girls, parties, and music after that. Taj didn't like what was happening to Johnny and didn't even know if they were still technically going out, but she still didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

Nick is a rich teenager with all the comforts that kind of life can afford him. He lives in a huge mansion, drives a cool car, and does basically whatever he wants because his parents are uninvolved because of their own busy lives. He does have a step-sister that he loves very much named Fish and when she disappears after a party sponsored by, he begins to investigate the website.

Nick and Taj meet at a party. He realized that Taj has more information about the organization than he does and as he enjoys her company, asks her for her help. throws the best parties around. There is a drink called TAP that everyone drinks at the parties that provides an overwhelming sense of peace and fuzziness. Like a drug, but totally organic. No one seems to know what makes up the drink though, so technically no one knows what it does to the person who is drinking it. There is also a special back room at each party that requires a password to enter. Behind those doors is where the rituals take place where someone gets "tapped."

Nick and Taj become close during their time together, but Nick learns of some disturbing information about Taj that leads him to worry for her safety. This story is definately one for older, more mature, readers; at least high school. There are several instances of sex and the use of the "f" word more than once. Even though the content is for older readers, this book can easily be read in one sitting. The large print and amount of white space on each page makes it a super fast read.