Chibi Vampire, Vol. 05 - Yuna Kagesaki
Karin is a vampire - she just isn’t like her other vampire family members. Whereas they drink the blood of humans for nourishment like traditional vampires, Karin has a problem with having too much blood in her body. Her blood constantly increases. It builds up faster the closer she is to a human with the type of blood she is attracted to. If it builds up too much, it gushes out in the form of a horrible nose bleed. Sometimes if someone is around her and the time is right she can bite someone and inject the blood into them. Her problem is, she can’t erase the memories of the people she bites. She must rely on her siblings for help.

Karin’s life becomes even more difficult when a transfer student arrives at her school. Kenta Usui causes Karin’s blood to increase everytime she is around him. She has trouble just looking at him. What is even worse is the fact that Kenta witnesses Karin biting someone, becomes suspicious of her, and is determined to find out what she is doing.

Karin must attempt to control her problem and figure out how to handle her relationship with Kenta. This is an interesting concept for a story and turned out to be pretty cute and I’m glad I gave them a chance (even though I bought the first one because the main character’s name, Karin, is spelled like my first name). I’ve read 5 volumes so far and plan to read the others soon. There are novelizations and an animation series available as well.