Wicked Lovely - Melissa Marr
It was such a treat to get this graphic novel and realize it was a completely different story within the WICKED LOVELY world. Keenan makes a brief appearance, but other than that the reader is introduced to totally new characters.

Rika lives in the isolation of the desert. She maintains invisibility around humans in order to observe them. She misses her humanity and feels some animosity toward Keenan for turning her into a faery when she attempted to become his Summer Queen. Rika wasn't THE ONE and instead had to take on the chill of the Winter Queen until another girl came along and took her place. Rika didn't want to be around Keenan after she became a regular faery because of the painful memories attached to him, so she made her home in the desert far away from the Faery Court.

Lately she has been observing Jayce, an artistic and handsome young man. When some mischievious faeries cause Jayce to fall during rock climbing, Rika must become visible in order to save him.

As Rika and Jayce get to know each other, they are pursued by other faeries and Jayce is put in danger. It seems that Rika is being manipulated by someone she trusts.

The reader will definitely be anxious to read the next installment in this graphic novel series. Melissa Marr has given us all new characters to fall in love with. Thank you Melissa.